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collection of Tobe Carey/Willow Mixed Media

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  1. Maria Eastwood says:

    Why can’t I find a copy of your DVD Sweet Violets in the Upper Hudsson Library System? As a Castleton On Hudson resident, I’m saddened Tobe Carey’s educational DVD is not in UHLAN to enjoy. While traveling through Red Hook I picked the ‘About Town’ a free periodical, where I learned about Kathy Leonard, and your movement to revitalize your Hyde Park community. I applaud your efforts and throroughly believe that we can have an Upper Hudson intellectual revival, Washington Irving needs company.
    Your efforts will come to fruition faster with publicity throughout NYS, so please consider donating a DVD to UHLAN.

    I don’t agree with my librarian Amy that the DVD or book doesn’t have patron preference circulation, compared to popular requests. Which can be remedied with cultural exposure (as you’re doing) educational information.
    Best wishes,
    Maria Eastwood

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