Book Groups

Schedule a Visit

To schedule Kathy for a visit to your book group discussion of A Violet Season, please send her an e-mail at KLCzepiel (at) and specify the date and time of your meeting. In determining the time, keep in mind that many book groups need a little bit of social time to settle in. Some groups also like to discuss the book on their own first.

Conversations can be held on Skype, speaker phone, or in person in south-central Connecticut.

What Book Groups Are Saying

“Our book club had a terrific multi-layered discussion of family, relationships, expectations, history, geography, power, reconciliation and much more. A Violet Season was a great read that everyone in our book club finished and everyone enjoyed. I would highly recommend it to other book clubs and, in fact, already have.”


“Our book group enjoyed this book on so many levels… While learning about the violet industry and the history of the Hudson Valley, we discussed the frighteningly few options of women at the turn of the last century, and how women managed to love and nurture despite all their personal difficulties. Are things really so different today? Rich with symbolism and beautifully written, A Violet Season enabled us to appreciate each other as women more deeply.”

—Linda, Sue and Gail

“Everyone was so interested in the process of writing a novel, not to mention how much we loved the book. It hit us that we were talking about Ida as if she were a real person!”